We contribute our technology

To localize the satellite industry in KSA to meet 2030 vision in space sector




Our comprehensive solutions can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering varieties of industries such:

Civil Applications

For the leaders of today.

Smart Government

Use space technology to manage cities in a significantly more efficient and intelligent manner with a comprehensive space-air-ground architecture.


Solidify your country’s defenses by using the latest and greatest intelligent technology. Monitor your borders, track object vehicle movements, and flag important structures with our satellites’ high-frequency, high-resolution imagery and machine-learning analytics.

Finance and Insurance

With satellite, address data demands, mitigate and manage risks, and gain a competitive market advantage to make timely and profitable decisions.

Education and Research

Reach far and beyond to provide quality education and information to underprivileged students. With Northstar’s satellites, get data and research on remote areas without exhausting human resources and workforce.

Natural Applications

For the people of today.

Energy and Mining

Build a comprehensive mining monitoring and management system with the help of satellite remote sensing technology and the UAV imagery and terrestrial sensor system.

Water and Fishery

Carry out research in real-time and other functions covering optical, radar, and other satellite multi-source heterogeneous data, forming a business system with advanced technology and scientific evaluation.


By getting frequently updated insights into lands and crops, growers can save time from the crop health survey and farm more efficiently.

Greening and Enviornment

With high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery, the forest management team can track forest harvest and clearing, monitor forest health, mitigate forest disease effects, and enhance forest management practices.

Demo Applications

Try the demo application and get first hand insights how the solution works.