Defense and Intelligence

New strides in the field of technology and weaponry call for the emergence of new threats to nations across the world.

Where decisions need precision down to the minute and situations can escalate in seconds, it becomes crucial for nations to be equipped with the very best technology to identify and nullify threats – while also gathering information on other possibly threatening aspects and planning further developments and policies accordingly.

Gathering intelligence and shoring up defenses using our end-to-end satellite and AI solutions paves the way to meet current demands and help prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.


Our comprehensive solution can manage resources more effeciently and smarter covering:

Land Surveillance

Northstar’s WonderJourney Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) satellites can produce surveillance images across vast areas of land, which can help defense organizations and analysts monitor populated areas and country borders.

Object Recognition and Tracking

Northstar satellite imagery and AI services enable analysts and defense organizations to identify objects like aircraft and military vehicles, which can be further tracked for mapping and malicious activities.


Our Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) satellites can help analysts collect data for determining population, traffic, the density of urban and rural areas, activity, and more, which would facilitate policy-making and the allocation of resources.

Gathering intelligence on these matters also helps in aggregating countrywide data and furthering the development of cities vis-à-vis foundation infrastructure planning.

Disaster Awareness and Response Capabilities

Our satellites, powered by AI, can capture minute land and maritime changes and provide valuable insights into impending or current natural disasters. With data being transmitted through space by our Broadband Satellites, the latency of real-time events to the transmitted data is minimal. Leaders can make quick and timely decisions based on the situation and devise a proper response plan accordingly.

Due to the increased awareness and timely dispatch of relief and action teams, the survivors get quick relief and minimal damage to the infrastructure. Getting the city back on track is relatively more straightforward.

Border Monitoring

With Northstar’s powerful Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) satellite and complete MENA coverage, countries can analyze border activity in and around their country. Leaders and analysts can constantly monitor high-risk and activity areas and identify illegal border entries and trade conflicts that might lead to further problems. Identifying problems early can also help allocate and mobilize vital resources.

Maritime Control

Our combination of the traditional Optical Remote Sensing satellite and the next-gen SAR satellite enables researchers and analysts to monitor sea changes, warning us about potential maritime hazards.

Defense organizations can also use this information to keep track of maritime trade and look out for illegal practices with the help of satellite imagery and advanced AI object recognition and tracking.

Benefits of a Smart Defense and Intelligence System

Reduce risk and respond quickly

Use geospatial data to focus on areas of interest, optimize the availability of resources, and inform intelligence and decision-making.

Detect threats and anticipate change

Lower the risk of missing critical events by enhancing your capabilities with our satellite’s high-frequency, high-resolution imagery.

Innovative governance

Governors can manage cities with comprehensive solutions in a space-air-ground architecture.

Monitor ports and airfields

Intelligence agencies can use Aircraft and Vessel Detection to regulate battles, plan contingencies and monitor indications or warnings.

Crisis management

By analyzing satellite data with AI, intelligence groups and defense organizations can make informed decisions and enhance crisis management.


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