Education and Research

Traditional methods are fast fading away in today’s world of blazing-fast technology.

Tools like surveys, physical inspection research, and traditional data collection methods, apart from being thoroughly slow and outdated, are horrendously taxing on resources. Especially now, after the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching out to further areas is an added risk, and the data collected beforehand is now vastly outdated due to the major changes and impact the pandemic had.

How NorthStar Can Change the Game for You

Northstar’s combination of Optical Remote Sensing and Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites, paired with our AI and lightning-fast broadband communication services, gives institutions the perfect package to help them with education and research purposes.

Researchers and analysts can use our ORS and SAR satellites to gather information about the population (using heatmaps), topography, economic factors, real-time event impacts, and countless other things while relaying this information at high speeds and furthering it for educational purposes.

Government and educational institutes can use real-time data and update reference material to match the current situation. Northstar’s WonderLink broadband communication satellites can also help governments impart e-education facilities in underprivileged areas.


Our comprehensive solution can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering:

Reaching Out to Remote Areas

Northstar’s WonderLink Broadband Communications satellite can be helpful for governments and educational institutes to impart e-education all across the nation. Underprivileged areas, which have mostly been deprived of quality education, can use these new resources. Governments can implement standardized e-education material to ensure quality and literacy levels.

On the other hand, researchers don’t have to waste limited resources by conducting long surveys and physically going to remote areas. With ORS and SAR satellites, researchers and analysts can get heatmaps, satellite imagery, and geospatial information about remote areas at a moment’s notice.

Land and Maritime Surveillance

Northstar satellite imagery and AI services enable analysts and research organizations to track changes in land and its geographical factors. Research on seas and oceans can also be conducted with advanced object detection and heat mapping.

Population metrics, agriculture data, deforestation, economic factors, IoT, impact data metrics, ocean movements, and maritime activity can be achieved with Northstar’s satellite and AI services.

Disaster Awareness Research and Response Capabilities

With data being transmitted through space by our Broadband Satellites, the latency of real-time events to the transmitted data is minimal. Leaders can make quick and timely decisions based on the situation and appropriate a proper response plan accordingly.

Benefits of a Smart Education and Research System

Reduces risk and uses fewer resources

With high-frequency and intelligent geospatial data, focus on areas of interest and activity, reachability to the remotest of areas, and optimize limited resources.

Impart quality education and information

Complement your existing education and information with our satellite’s high-speed, high-reachability broadband connections and impart quality education in underprivileged and remote areas.

Crisis Management

Satellites provide data to inform decision-making and enhance crisis management through AI analysis.

Researching to increase database

By getting timely, updated metrics to almost all major fields and industries, researchers can increase their database tenfold and further track changes to keep themselves updated on significant events.

Demo Applications

Try the demo application and get first hand insights how the solution works.