Energy and Mining

New advances in the tech and machinery field also call for new methods to manage and expedite energy and mining processes.

With Northstar’s extensive catalog of satellites, industries can generate immense value from our data. Various metrics like land degradation, vegetation recovery, and pollution can be analyzed, and swift actions can be taken to minimize them and ensure compliance with the law.

Our data will help industries capitalize on their resources and make excavating easier by providing planners with high-definition mapping and geographic factors intel. By monitoring competitors’ supply chains and sites, our users can gain a competitive advantage by being informed of their delays, which will make allocating resources more practical and significantly impact profits and margins.


Our comprehensive solution can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering:

Site Exploration and Planning

Northstar’s WonderJourney Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) satellite can capture high-definition aerial photographs of the planned excavation sites and help planners define clear markings. Our Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite can capture the minute details in the land’s topography and provide vital geographical indicators and intel to help with planning and excavating.

Remote inspection of unfinalized sites is also possible through near real-time photography.

Environmental Impact and Compliance

With our advanced satellites and AI-powered services, excavators can safely measure the environmental impact of excavation processes and ensure they don’t violate any compliance laws.

With advanced SAR satellites, users can track the change in the geographical factors and analyze before and after impact by comparison and AI-tracking. Our services can also be set up to be automated for any customization related to digging limits and land degradation caused by excavation.

Monitoring Area for Natural Disasters and Illicit Activities

Vast area coverage and advanced AI tracking can identify impending threats to the site and energy assets. Researchers can identify upcoming natural hindrances by tracking changes in geospatial factors and minimizing damage.

Monitoring the surrounding areas also means that our object-detection AI can flag illegal trespassing, dwellings, and activities around vital infrastructure.


Our satellites provide an in-depth look into every aspect of the topography of the land, which enables planners and excavators to plan out piping routes and the most efficient methods to achieve them. Unreliable land chunks are flagged, and researchers can figure out the most efficient path for the pipeline system.

Site Monitoring

Our tracking and change detection technology allows industries to monitor every activity around sites and essential infrastructure.

Supplies and goods can be tracked down to minimize anomalous activities. Slow-downs and jams in the production and supply of goods can easily be pointed out and resolved due to timely and easily accessible data. Users can also track essential infrastructure changes over time and get near real-time data on the progress and status of the project.

What’s more, our satellites can monitor and track multiple sites across the country and beyond.

Track Competition

With Northstar’s end-2-end solutions, industries can track the entirety of infrastructure in the country. Our users can uncover competitor supply chains, development, sites, vital infrastructure, and more intel to use to their advantage, giving them a competitive edge.

Disruptions in competitors’ supply chains and productions can be monitored and used to advantage by supplying excess products to fulfill their demand and maximize profit.

Benefits of a Smart Energy and Mining System

Based on satellite remote sensing technology, with UAV imagery and a terrestrial sensor system, a comprehensive mining monitoring and management system could be built, enabling visualized management and enhancing system availability.

Project Monitoring

Map Rock Formations and Elevation

Mining Scale Monitoring

Timely Supervision

Pollution Monitoring

Illegal Mining

Illegal Occupation Around Mining Sites

Demo Applications

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