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Companies make difficult global decisions daily, and decision-makers are almost always left with little to no information about the actuality of the situation

Companies make difficult global decisions daily, and decision-makers are almost always left with little to no information about the actuality of the situation and have to rely upon more traditional methods like the news, industry survey reports, and earnings reports

Choosing NorthStar, 

With Northstar’s satellite imagery, tracking and mapping, and AI services, companies no longer have to rely on slow and traditional methods. Companies can uncover supply chains, foot-traffic information, investment prospecting, and more in real time to make quick and timely decisions.

Insurance companies can now rest easy by remotely calculating the risk of large assets with satellite imaging by analyzing degradation and geospatial threats. They can also expedite their claims by remotely accessing damaged sites and analyzing the damage that occurred.

In industries where a split second of delay in decisions can cause massive loss and destruction, it becomes crucial to be equipped with the best technology to identify and nullify threats and exploit profitable ventures before their competitors.


Our comprehensive solutions can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering varieties of industries such:

Risk Monitoring

Northstar’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite can capture and produce data that analysts and researchers can utilize to figure out geospatial risks of landslides, soil erosion, property degradation, fires, floods, and maritime coastal risks to then help insurance companies figure out risk to benefit ratios and make policy underwriting decisions according to the present data.

Insurance companies can also use our near real-time satellite imagery to assess damages and make claims during disasters. Maritime tracking and mapping of trade routes can help them further strengthen policies and assess risk.

SAR technology can also help insurance companies determine the current degradation of buildings and large asset structures, which can be helpful in the preliminary rounds of inspection.

Supply Chain and Economic Activity

Companies and governments use our satellite tracking and AI services to uncover trade practices and determine supply chains across the country and globally.

Using the gathered data and with the help of our AI services, analysts can compile information to serve as an economic intelligence database for the government. Companies can use supply chain information to get an edge over competitors.

Route and map imagery can also be utilized to help certain companies determine new overseas relationships and bring their expansion plans into effect.

Investment Insights

Government and private companies can seek new investment opportunities using traditional imagery and new radar technologies. By calculating land degradation, building depreciation, and geographic factors, favorable investment opportunities can be pursued that will bear fruit in the long run.

Remote Analysis

Analysts can quickly identify impacted areas and pull up the imagery of the damage done. Insurance agencies can use this information to inspect affected areas and expedite insurance remotely. Governments can use it to assess the damage to the current supply chain and allocate appropriate resources to ensure that the economy remains stable and the natural flow is restored as swiftly as possible.

Economic Trends

Our combination of the traditional Optical Remote Sensing satellite and the next-gen SAR satellite enables researchers and analysts to monitor changes in economic trends and the impacts of certain external events. Stock market companies can use external information to keep track of global events and analyze in real time how it would affect the market—critical as a change in the market is a few minutes game.

Private companies can use our satellite imagery to form heatmaps to determine foot traffic and occupancy in areas to plan new locations and franchises for expansion, oil and petroleum needs, transportation, and more. The government can use this information for intelligence databases and to plan financial resources for public sector units in high-density areas.

Benefits of Smart Finance and Insurance Services

Information from data

For financial institutions and insurers, timely and accurate information is invaluable.

Reduce risks and increase services

With satellite, address these data demands, mitigate and manage risk, gain competitive market advantage, and inform decision-making with a comprehensive global dataset that is updated daily.

High Cadence and High-Resolution Imagery and Analytics

Anticipate the market and make better investment decisions with regional, high cadence imagery and analytics. Leverage your pricing models and service level with multi-layer data, validate claims and credit, forecast potential risks with AI, and identify opportunities from the market.

Demo Applications

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