Greening and Environment

While we at Northstar have a mission of becoming a comprehensive satellite geospatial solution and service provider in the Middle East and North African region,

one of our unspoken missions is to expand our technology and AI services in the area of forest greening and environmental betterment.

Governments and organizations can work towards a better world using our advanced satellite imagery and radar technology.

Research centers can collect intel on metrics and use it for further studies and research in their database.


Our comprehensive solution can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering:

Plants, Crops, and Tree Coverage

Northstar’s WonderJourney Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) satellites can produce high-resolution images and recognize objects across vast areas. Research centers figure out metrics like plant density, tree coverage and tree count, crop and vital vegetation supply, and much more.

Strategic environmental planners can further utilize this data to increase greenery. They will also help policy-makers decide on pressing issues like felling trees for wood.

Smart Irrigation

Northstar radar satellite imagery and AI services enable analysts and farmers to find perfect land conditions and analyze groundwater and irrigation facilities nearby. Farmers can also track crop changes and make irrigation decisions accordingly.

Pipeline and irrigation systems can also be mapped out with the help of optical satellite imagery.

Wildfire Impact and Relief

Northstar’s satellite imagery and AI services can help relief organizations and governments to monitor forests and high-density wild-life areas for forest fires with advanced near real-time aerial photography, heat-mapping, and tracked changes.

Relief teams can be timely dispatched to minimize the damage. Researchers can also analyze the change in temperatures and seasonal risks to forest areas and take suitable actions to prevent forest fires.

Tracking changes over time can reveal metrics like forest-fire impact, which is helpful for research and policy-making to restore the damage.

Water Availability and Greening

Environment monitoring and data collection can be done quickly using our satellite ecosystem, which can help research centers and environmental planners.

Water availability is a significant issue in hot climates, and water management and resource allotment can be challenging. Government institutes can come up with green initiatives and subsequently develop irrigation plans.

Sustainability and Preservation

The ability to get detailed advanced metrics in the form of tree count, density, and water levels can help governments plan and achieve sustainability goals. By smart forestry and resource tracking, rationing and cutting down of resources can be achieved, and vital resources can be sustained.

Governments can plan environmental protection initiatives by monitoring deforestation and tree density data vis-a-vis protected sanctuaries and groves.

Monitor Changes and Disasters

Our combination of the traditional Optical Remote Sensing satellite and the next-gen SAR satellite enables researchers and analysts to monitor changes in plantation, crops, and tree density to figure out action plans for sustainability.

Research organizations can also monitor high-risk areas for threats to natural biodiversity, and illegal practices can be monitored and curbed. Changes in the geographical conditions can also be monitored to get warnings on incidents like landslides and soil erosion — managing water levels also plays a huge part in sustaining natural biodiversity.

Benefits of a Smart Greening and Environmental System

Northstar provides an innovative solution to cover large-scale, long-term, extensive data collection and monitoring in forestry scenarios.

Forest Survey and Audit

Forest Planning and Monitoring

Forest Type Segmentation

Tree Counting

Tree Growth Tracking

Pest Impact Monitoring

Deforestation Management

Disaster Evaluation and Mitigation

With high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery, the forest management team can track forest harvest and clearing, monitor forest health, mitigate forest disease effects, and enhance forest management practices.

Demo Applications

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