Smart Agriculture

With increased spatial and spectral resolutions, Northstar satellites allow for precision agriculture.

Our satellites provide a constant stream of data that allows for near real-time decision-making and provides high-definition images of agricultural fields, leading to informed soil quality analysis and harvest timings estimation.

Our innovative strategies, which include radar technology, allow farmers to monitor soil moisture, crop health, and evapotranspiration. Farmers growing multiple crops upon acres of land can now easily access information on all their crops in one go. Our advanced AI system also ensures that farmers can get alerts on changes in their crops, track growth, and prevent illicit activities by monitoring unusual movements.


Our comprehensive solution can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering:

Crop and Supply Chain Management

Northstar’s WonderJourney Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) satellites can produce surveillance images across vast areas of land, which can help farmers monitor multiple crops, manage them by analyzing crop status and keep a check on the supply chain. Delays in raw material delivery can be pinpointed, the quality of work can be checked with constant monitoring and tracking changes, and delivery routes can be planned out. Expected delays can also be curbed by checking route status in near real-time.

Plus, crops can be managed better by checking geographical conditions, and weather condition monitoring helps plan in case of storms and rains.

Smart Irrigation

Northstar radar satellite imagery and AI services enable analysts and farmers to find perfect land conditions and analyze groundwater and irrigation facilities nearby. Farmers can also track crop changes and make irrigation decisions accordingly.

Pipeline and irrigation systems can also be mapped out with the help of optical satellite imagery.

Monitor Crop Health and Track Changes

Our Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites can help analysts collect data for determining soil quality, topography, moisture, the presence of pests, expected growth metrics, and more which would help farmers track changes and manage their crops better.

Getting intelligence on these matters also helps allocate the right resources at the right time to minimize crop loss. Farmers can easily monitor crop health for fertilization and see pest presence for timely pest control.

Strategic Placements and Growing

With Northstar’s powerful Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) satellite and complete MENA coverage, farmers can get a precise analysis of crops around the entire company and strategize their supply to high-demand, low-supply, and low-competition areas.

Farmers can also monitor areas for certain crop styles, which would help them enter previously untapped markets. Soil quality and conditions can be analyzed, and farmers can change crop styles with a clear conscience.

Farmers can remotely access suitable farm areas via satellite imagery if they want to expand. Field metrics can easily be analyzed, and decisions can be taken based on the sustainability of growth.

Benefits of a Smart Agriculture System

Superior Crop Management

With high-resolution, high frequency, multi-source satellite data, NORTH.STAR offers a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive solution for growers. By getting frequently updated insights into your lands and crops, growers can save time from the crop health survey and farm more efficiently.


The crop growing status and harvest will be presented by AI through the internet, allowing farmers to manage the land globally easily.

Yield Predictions

Our satellites powered by AI can gather intel on advanced metrics, which can then be utilized to predict the expected yield of the crops. Soil quality analysis is one of the significant factors, and features like the topographical conditions, the health of the plants, size, and proper irrigation play an important role.

Demo Applications

Try the demo application and get first hand insights how the solution works.