Smart Government 

With today’s changing world in an era of technology, the urge for a smart approach to run states has never been more immense.

With numerous countries pushing towards a smart government, it’s time for you to join in the Northstar experience and monitor and govern your country the way today’s world requires you to – smartly.

Our Vision

Here at Northstar has always been to utilize data and information for a more innovative world. We recognized the potential that data collection and monitoring hold in today’s world, where change happens in a few minutes. With accurate data at a moment’s notice, decisions could be swiftly taken, and countries could run like well-oiled machines.


Our comprehensive solution can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering:

Change Detection

Governors can pull up information at a moment’s notice and track changes with automated, AI-powered continuous monitoring. Analysts can recognize biodiversity and biocultural changes, and landscape features and detection in the change in vital systems put in place by the government.

Decisions about population control, infrastructure building, and biodiversity monitoring can be easily made with Northstar’s top-of-the-line WonderExplore Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Satellite and WonderJourney Optical Remote Sensing Satellites.

Leaders can rest easy knowing that our satellites have full coverage of the MENA region. With the combination of specialized topography-capturing SAR satellite and the traditional ORS satellite, policymakers can be sure to have full access to the data needed for upcoming developments, early detection of signs for disasters, biodiversity, and population control, and the monitoring of vital movements and structures around their country’s borders.

Development Tracking

Governors can track important and major infrastructural developments happening all across the country, leading to timely decisions and policy-making while ensuring that projects are being carried out at a set pace.

Infrastructure planning is made more accessible than ever by mapping out suitable topography throughout the country, and developments can be efficiently planned and laid out using satellite information.

Structures vital to government operations can also be constantly monitored, and data on activity in and around those vital structures is readily available to leaders.

Degradation Monitoring

While mapping out new infrastructure is necessary to make a more innovative, better city, looking out for existing structures and landmarks is even more critical. Leaders can detect early signs of infrastructure degradation with our advanced AI and satellite imagery.

With the power of SAR satellite imagery, which provides users with clear evidence of granular changes in the structures of individual buildings, the surrounding land, and the general topography, leaders can call for timely renovations before disasters strike, and further degradation occurs.

Benefits of a Smart City

Efficient and Intelligent

City governors are improving the lives of every citizen by adopting advanced technologies, including satellite services.
Governors can manage cities more efficiently by having comprehensive solutions in space-air-ground architecture.

Identifying problems and jump-starting on solutions

With the combination of Northstar’s AI-powered satellite imagery and data collection, leaders can promptly identify the problem at its roots and proceed with solutions before it poses a more significant threat.

Timely, data-driven

With timely updated satellite images, city governors could record the changes in the city at a glance and make decisions based on the qualified data.

Space-Air-Ground solution

A comprehensive Space-Air-Ground architect allows you to access the city status from all possible angles. This way. all info can be collected and presented on the geospatial platform.

Demo Applications

Try the demo application and get first hand insights how the solution works.