Water and Fishery

Using the latest and greatest in Earth Observation technologies and environmental monitoring, government, research centers, and businesses can use our satellites to analyze water and aquatic life-related metrics.

States can preserve water quality levels by constantly monitoring water bodies and keeping an eye on companies that discharge waste by measuring changes with our change-tracking technology.

Damage from disasters like oil spills can be quickly mitigated.

With our aerial view and intel on topographical elements, major structures like dams can be planned while keeping a check on the fish population.

Companies who need solutions for expanding markets and are concerned with the fishery population can now use our satellite services to find suitable spots and discover numerous other business opportunities by population density metrics.


Our comprehensive solution can manage resources more efficiently and intelligently covering:

Monitoring Fish and Water Quality

Northstar’s WonderExplore Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites can produce surveillance images and AI-powered data across vast land and seas, which can help research teams monitor marine life. With our object recognition and change-tracking, research teams can monitor fish life and gain intelligence on newly discovered subspecies of fish.

Advanced metrics on water levels and quality over time can be obtained with tracking analysis. Some other metrics that can be achieved with our satellite and AI services are oil and water conservation monitoring, water quality analysis, and water facility monitoring.

Research for Population and Movement

Our object-tracking and heat-mapping technology can help analysts and researchers calculate fish populations across the country’s water bodies. Change-tracking and near real-time information are especially vital for researchers to study the movement of marine life and the places where they hibernate and shift according to the changing seasons.

The same processes can be done for thousands of water bodies nationwide

Business Opportunities

By monitoring the fish types, population, and movement, industries can figure out high-density areas with marine life and can set up their business based on the data collected. Supply routes can be figured out, and new trade relationships can be built. Moreover, trades can be regularly monitored for safety and punctuality, and the mobilization of assets can be managed according to the demand and the shift in the area’s marine life.

Asset Placement and Disaster Monitoring

With the help of ORS satellite imagery and accurate geographical and topographical intel by our SAR satellites combined with the metrics available on the movement of marine life, fish population, and water conditions, governments and industries can plan where to set up dams and factories outlets.

Monitoring of water levels and hurricane developments, dams can be planned to prevent further loss of marine life, dislocation of species, and wastage of excess water. Our satellites can detect oil spills in near real-time, and swift detection and allocation of resources can be planned to minimize loss and damage to aquatic life.

Factories that need water as a raw material can map out suitable geographical and marine conditions to set up shop. Chemical companies that need to discharge treated waste at acceptable levels can also use change detection in marine life health metrics and recovery rates in compliance with environmental laws.

Benefits of a Smart Water and Fishery System

Sustainability and Protection

Our platform integrates multi-source satellite remote sensing data, AI algorithms, and cloud-based high-performance computing to help carry out scientific research work such as soil and water conservation monitoring, water conservation monitoring, water quality analysis, and water facilities monitoring.

Detect threats and anticipate change

Complement your existing capabilities with our satellite’s high-frequency, high-resolution imagery and machine-learning analytics and reduce the risk of missing critical marine events.

Business Management:

It provides access, storage management, intelligent distribution, production processing, real-time release, remote sensing interpretation, and other functions covering optical, radar, and other satellite multi-source heterogeneous data, forming a business system with advanced technology, scientific and accurate evaluation, efficient use of resources and integrated remote data capability.

Demo Applications

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