Our Space, Our Data

NORTHSTAR is a Saudi private company providing Satellite and AI services for Middle East and North African customers.

Take your institution to new heights by joining the new Space Technology revolution.

With advanced satellite and AI technology and a dedicated analysis team, make your institution a superpower by saving precious resources and workforce. Northstar’s services are bound to give you an edge over your competitors and help you manage things efficiently.

Who Can Use Our Services?

Government Institutions

Government institutions can use our vast array of satellites to further facilitate national defenses, border control, tracking and mapping, asset management and surveillance, disaster management, and intel collection, among other things.

Research Centers

Heat mapping, monitoring oceans, deforestation, topography, and geospatial elements are just some of the things that research centers can keep an eye on. Plus, the timely and accurate data provided by our satellites can help with further studies and research.

Private Companies and Businesses

Private companies and businesses can use our satellites to pursue high-traffic areas for expansion, asset relocation, new trade routes, uncovering supply chains, and even assess new investment opportunities vis-a-vis asset acquisition — remote inspections can help expedite these processes and save valuable resources.

Our Solutions

Civil Applications

For the leaders of today.

Leaders can make decisions based on the qualified data and intelligence activities.

Decision makers need to be ready for the next challenge.


Use space technology to manage cities in a significantly more efficient and intelligent manner with a comprehensive space-air-ground architecture.


Solidify your country’s defenses by using the latest and greatest intelligent technology. Monitor your borders, track object vehicle movements, and flag important structures with our satellites’ high-frequency, high-resolution imagery and machine-learning analytics.


With satellite, address data demands, mitigate and manage risks, and gain a competitive market advantage to make timely and profitable decisions.


Reach far and beyond to provide quality education and information to underprivileged students. With Northstar’s satellites, get data and research on remote areas without exhausting human resources and workforce.

Our Solutions

NATURAL Applications

For the people of today.

Complement your existing capabilities with High-resolution, high frequency, multi-source satellite imagery, and AI generated data. and machine-learning analytics to reduce the risk of missing critical events


Build a comprehensive mining monitoring and management system with the help of satellite remote sensing technology and the UAV imagery and terrestrial sensor system.


Carry out research in real-time and other functions covering optical, radar, and other satellite multi-source heterogeneous data, forming a business system with advanced technology and scientific evaluation.


By getting frequently updated insights into lands and crops, growers can save time from the crop health survey and farm more efficiently.


With high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery, the forest management team can track forest harvest and clearing, monitor forest health, mitigate forest disease effects, and enhance forest management practices.


Bringing in Deeper Insight

Software Defined Satellite


100X Powerful On-Orbit Al Performance


Saudi Local Company


End-2-End Solution Provider


MENA Region Coverage

We look up

to look down for real

Illegal Building Detection

Illegal Building Detection

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Analysis

Urban Transportation Planning

Land Subsidence Alarm

Illegal Building Detection

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Analysis

Land Subsidence Alarm

Urban Transportation Planning

Try the demo application and get first hand insights how the solution works.

Why Northstar?

Northstar aims to create a dynamic revolution with space technology and its benefits in civil industries and government institutions. Managing and gathering intelligence data has never been easier, and by analyzing this information, institutions can open themselves up to a vast array of opportunities.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Northstar satellite and AI services.


Northstar’s satellite array gives you the ability to access information at any given moment, which is updated in near real-time. Tracking changes, uncommon detections, and AI-powered services always assist our users when needed.

MENA Region Coverage

Being a local Saudi company, our satellites cover a vast area extending throughout the whole MENA region. Focusing on MENA countries also allows our company to serve our clients better by providing them with our complete dedication and service support.


Northstar’s extensive array of satellites ensures that users are never left in the dark when information is needed. With our new-age SAR satellite, researchers can access data even when it’s night and the sky is overcast. Traditional Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) and SAR satellites combine to provide institutes with a large variety of data types and intelligence, catering to the needs of every industry.

Easy on the Resources

With our affordable pricing structure, institutions can rest assured that extra resources in the form of the workforce, expensive traditional tools, and wasteful management are utilized to give their industries a boost and a competitive edge by tapping into lost and undiscovered opportunities, ultimately leading to a better, efficient management and increased profitability.


A Wonder Journey Into the known

Northstar has three satellites that help us create an extensive network to aid our clients in information and data delivery.


WonderJourney™ series

Optical Remote Sensing <1m Resolution @500km

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WonderExplore™ M series

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) X band, Phased Array Antenna 

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WonderLink™ m series

Broadband Communication 10Gbps Transmission Capacity 

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